Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery

My work is a mix of realism, design, illustration and pattern and the medium changes from project to project to include en-caustic painting, drawing, murals, photography, video and installation. Oceanic patterns and carved line work is a strong influence from growing up in Papua New Guinea. Wandering from equatorial rainforests,rugged coastlines of the Pacific Northwest pacific coastline and Eastern European hillsides, I collect my visual sources to combine or contrast to result in artwork that is anchored in natural forms, either explicitly in landscape or subtly in abstraction and pattern.

Layers of transparency in drawing and painting are often used to allow for multiple views of observation to merge into one artwork. Subtle similarities of growth and decay are the main focus when found objects or ephemera become starting points for my work and include deteriorating or jumbled plant-life and broken electronics and wiring. The organic elements are often contrasted with designs or patterns that imply mechanical or technological systems. Imagery shifts from delicate and intricate to aggressive and invasive.

Overlapping subject matter of emotional, political and environmental concerns are reflected in multiple layers of imagery. For example, In addition to observational drawings of nature depicting both natural forces as well as man- made intrusion, the underlying themes and overlapping subject matter of my current and upcoming works reference health, medicine and issues of water quality in tribal areas, predatory methods of logging and mining companies, and the unaltered landscape versus structured development and production. At times figures and portraits are included when referencing specific events or concerns. When people are incorporated into the imagery I pay careful attention to quiet expressions, understated gestures, wrinkles, tattoos and scars.

Biographical Info:

I was born in Canada and raised in Papua New Guinea where I was home-schooled in the Sepik region and later attended boarding school in the Highlands. My family moved back to the States where I attended high school and college. I returned to PNG for a time, lived in Peru for 6 months and traveled Europe for a couple of summers in graduate school. Residencies take me to different parts of the U.S. I currently live and teach art & design at the edge of the Appalachia in the Daniel Boone National Forest area of Eastern KY.