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    Houston Art Galleries Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery

    Yazon Lo

    Sexuality and the pleasure of viewing is the linkage I find between photography to contemporary advertising. My work often prompts viewers to confront issues that surround gender inequality, capitalism, and sexuality. As an artist I strive to redefine the traditional usage of photography through irony and juxtaposition of concepts and symbolism.  Emphasize on the commercial use of photography as comparative content that feeds directly to my photographic work.

    A part of the process is the presentation of your work in an area. How or where you hang the artwork pays tribute to the space you are creating for the content. Decisions and limitations such as the type of paper you print on, whether you chose to photograph in digital or analogue it becomes an asset to the concept in the photographs. Specifically in a photo series, it is important to think about the placements of each image so that it may be read like a narrative.